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2016 BLEVE November 4, 2016

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Halloween Safety!!

Halloween is right around the corner! Here are some tips to stay safe on the big day!

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Local 27 Endorsements! Go Vote!!

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KATU 2: Fire chief praises firefighter: He 'saved the lives of a lot of citizens'

PORTLAND, Ore. - A brand new lieutenant in the Portland Fire Bureau acted heroically and put his life at risk Wednesday morning to save lives when an explosion destroyed a building and injured several people, the bureau's fire chief said.
Chief Mike Myers said during an afternoon news conference (watch the full news conference above) that Lt. Peter St. John was injured in the explosion and had been taken to a hospital. Seven other people - two police officers, two other firefighters and three citizens - were also injured.
Portland Bagelworks in Northwest Portland was destroyed in the explosion after a gas leak was detected. Three firefighters were inside when the explosion occurred. Two of them suffered broken legs.
No one was killed.
Myers praised the actions of firefighters, especially those of John.
"This man, single-handedly, I believe, saved the lives of a lot of citizens today and a lot of fire fighters," he said.

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Toxic-Free Future Cancer Prevention

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NFPA 1710 - The Industry Standard for Career Fire Departments

Fire fighting is a science and having the right number of people respond when you call 911 shouldn't be based on guesswork, politicians' opinions or budget number crunchers. Watch and learn what the science has to say about keeping you and your family safe.

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IRC Rescue Firefighter David Dangerfield Commits Suicide After Facebook Post

David Dangerfield, a veteran Indian River County Fire Rescue firefighter, committed suicide Saturday night shortly after writing a Facebook post, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies found Battalion Chief David Dangerfield from a self-inflicted gunshot wound a short distance away in a wooded area off State Road 60 west of Interstate 95. They were responding to a call about the incident at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, according to Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Eric Flowers.

Flowers said Dangerfield drove his pickup on State Road 60 near I-95 and made a call to 911 to tell dispatchers where deputies could find his body.

Deputies drove to the scene and found Dangerfield dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the Sheriff's Office said.

IRC Emergency Management Director John King notified Dangerfield's co-workers about his death, according to Assistant Chief Brian Burkeen.

"It is with great sadness I share with you the passing of Battalion Chief David Dangerfield this evening," King wrote in the email to his staff. "Please keep Dave's immediate and extended family in your thoughts and prayers."

Just before his death, Dangerfield on his Facebook page:

"PTSD for firefighters is real. 27 years of deaths and babies dying in your hands is a memory that you will never get rid off. It haunted me daily until now."

Dangerfield was named Emergency Service Provider of the Year by the Treasure Coast Fire Chiefs' Association in 2013.

Dangerfield was also a fire instructor at the Indian River State's Fire Academy and a field training officer for the dive rescue team.

The veteran firefighter provided Thanksgiving Day meals through the Big Heart Brigade of Indian River County. Dangerfield also founded the annual Firefighters Chili and Salsa Cook-off, a charity fundraiser.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts Available Now!

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Seattle Fire Fighters Clinic Ribbon Cutting 7/14/2016

We're pleased to announce the opening of the new Seattle Fire Fighters Healthcare Clinic at Station 2 in Belltown.
This dedicated fire fighter health clinic will ensure that fire fighters receive healthcare commensurate with the risks, hazards, exposures, and expectations that we face on a daily basis.
Thank you to the long list of dedication people who helped make this dream a success!

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New Local 27 Hawks Sweatshirts in the Online Store!

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Are you doing your part?

Brothers and Sisters,
Local 27 is fully engaged in the political process to protect and support you, your family, and public safety. Our American democratic process relies on citizens and organizations for elections and for governance. Local 27 informs and supports candidates and elected officials on all issues related to fire fighters and public safety including: health and safety, training, equipment, department policies, compensation, benefits, retirement, staffing, response times, service levels, hazards, etc.
Local 27, the WSCFF, and the IAFF rely on your voluntary financial contributions to fund these efforts.
Many members already do their part and contribute, but many still do not.
If you have not yet signed up for the Local 27 SAFEPAC or the WSCFF Fastpac, or the IAFF Firepac, please follow the link below to get started now. Thank you.

Kenny Stuart
Seattle Fire Fighters Union
IAFF Local 27


Local 27 Political Action Volunteer Form


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